Each time that you launch the program, the program automatically looks for updates. After your confirmation, the updates are then downloaded and installed.

Current Version : 1.25

Patch notes:

1.25 Version

-correction of limitation for voting to political party's internal elections
-correcting/adapting server's messages language to client's (player's) language
-adding a fullsceen mode toggle option
-setting characters names displays always in 'first-last'
-update of user manuals
-correction incorrect display of too long discussion threads
-correction of specific crashes when using the 'detailed display' icon

1.23 Version

- Update of date for presidential elections in parliamentary countries (UK,Germany,...) at the 15th of even months. The date is now the same in all countries.
-In-game player account and account creation option
-Contact list page speed optimization

1.22 Version

-Corrections of parliamantary's elections candidtates display

1.21 Version

-Dispalying detailed number of regional representatives in election posters of parliamentary elections
-Update of the rule against multiple mandates for mayors
-Limitation of the he number of characters per account
-Speed optimization for displaying various menus including discussion threads, bills.
-Display of the chairman of the parliamentary group in the poltical party information
-Displaying more detailed election results
-Displaying of smilies themes impacted by the current government in the nation main information panel.
-Possibility for the head of state to appoint a new minister when he waits for the answer of another candidate
-Simplification of the state budget information in the form of bills
-Corrections of crashes bugs in specific situations

1.20 Version

-fix the limit of ministers to appoint
-fix election vote result display
-improve speed of game connection and characters change
-improve speed when displaying events pages
-improve speed of 'next day' calculation on server
-backspace key error during editing
-various small bugs and graphics adjustements

1.19 Version

- Fix of the number of readers by article
- Cities on the map are shaded when there is no action for the current day
- Relocation of cities
- Fix of smileys in the information panel of a city
- Optimisation of media downloading
- Update of the mayor position and parliament when becoming minister
- Grammatical fixes
- Sprite for the action 'Give a lecture on a deceased filmmaker'
- Various corrections for freezes or crashes
- Compatibility with Windows VISTA and XP

1.17 & 1.18 Version

-small display correction on city hall page
-correction for primary election in specific countries
-update for Lybian flag
-crash correction for speific itinerary situation
-map position of various cities
-correction for protegee request

1.16 Version

-correction of impossiblity to add actions in agenda in specific situations and dates
-corrections of missing avents in 'my opinions' page

1.15 Version
-correction of of vanishing actions of charapters
-speed optimization of event calendar page

1.14 Version

-adding facebook publishing options for achievements
-correction of (rare) random crashes when showing contacts list.

1.13 Version
-Creation of a Premium mode (doubling of wages, direct contact with other characters, automatic vote and candidacy to elections ...)
-Ability to create and vote laws worldwide at the UN
-Possibility for the best artists and journalists to become candidate for presidential elections
-Addition of a secretary character to help the player (advice, ABC, page descriptions)
-Creation of achievements that the player can win
-Display of characters national rankings by category
-Addition new variables for countries: social climate diplomatic relations ...
-Re-arrangement of numerous panels for better presentation
-Updated game manual
-Corrections and various optimizations

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